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Broken Rhythm

—Tommy Andrade, California

“I thank the author for sharing her gift of storytelling. More people should read this book.”

Broken Rhythm

—Joyce Sloan, Bellingham, Washington

“I love this book so much. Once I started reading, it became difficult for me to stop. It’s such a rare gem.”

Broken Rhythm

—Tamica, Kingsport, Tennessee

“Few relevant books such as this one left me with powerful emotions. The author deserves more love and support for her works.”

About the BookAbout the Book

Free yourself by releasing the chains of guilt and regrets and conquer with William Foster as he leads you through his life in the story of Broken Rhythm to his secret discovery of a life renewed full of love, peace, good health, and an abundance of joy.

Broken Rhythm is set in the late 1930s–1940s and is inspired by the real event of the 1940 Rhythm Night Club fire in Natchez, Mississippi. And it is written to show how a promise made is not always within one’s control to keep. However, to allow yourself to be chained by the guilt of such a promise broken is within one’s control to free one’s self with the help of God, family, and friends. Broken Rhythm specifically focuses on how one man’s promise is broken, and in turn, he bounds himself by chains so tight that not even he can free himself from his own self bondage. His life becomes changed forever.

Prepare yourself for an unimaginable ride where no emotions are left untouched. This story will grab you in ways unexpected; you may chuckle or even laugh, you may choke up and cry, and you may even feel a tidbit of anger. But in the end, you will discover the secret that freed William from his own bondage. And you too can be freed from any self-guilt and regrets that may be holding you hostage.

Evelyn Sue Clay

Broken RhythmAbout the Author

Evelyn Sue Clay is a seasoned poet and writer. She understands how disappointments, low self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, pain, and sorrows can affect the ability to love yourself and your will to persevere. For this reason, she writes relatable pieces, inspired by everyday life; some include her own personal experiences. Her works include Wrapped Up in Clovers: A Memoir of Love, Overflowing in the Spirit of Love: 29 Poems, and 29 Poems Capturing the Essence of Love. She is happily married and lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she seeks to encourage, inspire, and motivate others to move past the disappointments, pain, and trials of everyday living.


  • “His mother died within a month of giving birth to him, . . . and by the time he’s nine his father dies.”
  • “The cat the dog the chicken the hog they all was home when you left. Eeny meeny miney mo’ let’s go back and count some mo’.”
  • “Ah, don’t you worry, most folks don’t know who your mother is; . . . nothing is more beautiful than seeing the splendor of the sunset through your beautiful green eyes.”
  • “She pounds on her brother’s chest and shoulders, . . . she says how could you do this? Why, why?”
  • “Adorned by the simplicity and elegance of white Magnolia flowers and stunning lavender lilies, its fragrance perfumes the air with its beauty and warmth of love.”
  • “Although he didn’t graduate from high school nor did he attend or graduate from college, he still earned the highest degree possible . . .”

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